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All of our products contain the purest of quality, natural ingredients and essential oils. The oils found in our products have many beneficial qualities and contain essential vitamins, proteins and fatty acids which help to protect and replenish your skin. Some of the oils we use in our products include hemp seed oil, emu, apricot kernel, sweet almond, avocado, and grapeseed. These oils are combined with the perfect blend of pure essential oils, which provide sweet scents plus many therapeutic benefits and to also replenish your skin. Some of our products also contain naturally derived butters, such as shea and cocoa butters. These (butters) have been used for centuries in Africa and Europe and are rich in vitamins, while also are considered anti-aging, regenerative, and protective against ultraviolet rays.
The oils in our products always include at least 50% hemp seed oil, combined with other oils such as apricot kernel, sweet almond, avocado, jojoba, wheatgerm, evening primrose, rose hip, and infused oils such as calendula, comfrey, plantain, and others.
Emu oil is used in only three (3) products,,, our specialty cream,,, our lip balms and, our 'muscle treat' sports balm.

Minimum Orders:   The preferred minimum order is $50.00 CDN, not including taxes or shipping. We do reserve the right to charge a shipping and handling fee (minimum) on orders.

  ALL prices are shown in retail Canadian dollars. For currencies exchange rates, please visit   Payments are accepted in either Canadian or US dollars. Please note that US money orders must be drawn on a major US bank.

Shipping:   We will ship by whichever method you request. All charges are F.O.B.factory, meaning that the customer is responsible for shipping costs based on the service they choose.
In Canada, we usually use Canada Post and we do ship to USA using Canada Post, we also use United Parcel Service(UPS) or USPS United States Postal Service.We do not use Fed Ex. WE DO NOT SHIP TO MEXICO

Payment terms:   We accept only VISA credit cards, money orders, and business cheques. We will reserve the right to hold an order until the funds have cleared.
Sorry,we do not do COD orders.
We also use Paypal,,accepting credit cards such as visa, mastercard, american express, discover.

You can contact us directly "The Hempest Handcrafted Soap Company"

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Still Eagle
476 Baker St. Nelson BC. V1L 4H8
You can reach them by phone 1-250-352-3844 or
email. orders @ Still or , Nick @ Still or, Deb @ Still

You can also access their web page at

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